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‘Cloud is firmly established as the new normal for enterprise IT’ – Gartner

A cloud migration is when an organization moves some or all of its data center capabilities into the cloud, generally to run on the cloud-based infrastructure offered by a cloud service provider such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Cloud platforms act as the one-fits-all hub for IT infra (albeit virtualized or modernized), core enterprise software architectures (backend platforms, libraries, protocols, middleware, OS etc), and frontend operational applications (ERP, CRM, CMS, Databases).

Over 94% billion dollars would be spent on public cloud services globally in 2022

32% of global businesses using cloud services today aims to multi-fold spending in the coming years

2X: Organizations cite lack of skills as an obstacle to implementing cloud strategies

Why Migrate to the Cloud? – Benefits At A Glance

Here are some of the benefits that induce companies to migrate resources to the public cloud:

Cloud computing can scale to support massive workloads and more users, much more seamlessly than on-premises infrastructure. In traditional IT environments, companies had to buy and set up physical servers, software licenses, storage and network equipment to beef up business services.

Cloud providers take over maintenance and upgrades companies migrating to the cloud that can spend significantly less on IT operations. They can dedicate more resources to innovation – implementing new products or developing existing products.

Migrating to the cloud can scale up performance and end-user experience. Applications and websites hosted in the cloud can quickly scale to serve more users or higher throughput, and can run in demographic locations near to end-users, to lessen network latency.

Users can use cloud services and data from anywhere, whether they are employees or customers. This aids digital transformation, enables an advanced experience for customers, and offers employees with modern, flexible tools.

As the world’s largest application-focused cloud managed service provider, Cloudengin addresses your entire cloud migration journey with zero disruption and data loss.

Cloudengin your partner to chart an ‘intelligent cloud future’ for your enterprise.

What Our Clients Say?

Cloud has opened doors to a more efficient business future built on hyper agile performance and uninterrupted resilience.

Rodolpho Cordenuto

President, SAP

Create value and transform your business with Cloud Engine’s cloud migration services.

Cloud Engine’s End-to-End Cloud Migration Services: Hyperscalable, Intelligent Performance on Cloud

Guarantee a flawless migration of your applications, data and workloads to a cloud-based environment.
As the world’s largest application-focused managed cloud service company and an end-to-end certified migration partner, Cloud Engine extends a unique Migration Factory path to streamline the cloud migration process for businesses.

Gain 24/7 cloud migration consulting and cloud services support. It’s a fail-proof roadmap to an intelligent, resilient company future.

Datacenter Migration and Infrastructure Modernization
Data Migration
Application Migration and Modernization
Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Backup Services
Cloud Monitoring and Reporting
Cybersecurity on Cloud
Hyperautomation and RPA

Modernize your core IT/data center assets on the adopted cloud with Cloud Engine.
Leverage Cloud Engine’s end-to-end infrastructure migration and modernization services including backend compute, storage, networking, server assets; middleware, OS, platforms, architectures; front-end applications, and enterprise software. Virtualize your backend IT and adopt an end-to-end cloud infra strategy.

We’ll architect your Datacenter exit (DC Exit) strategy & securely migrate all mission-critical workloads, applications, databases, existing platforms with unprecedented agility on a hyper-performance, always available, scalable cloud architecture. Administer modernized data storage, data flow, workflows, and business operations at zero disruption, zero additional maintenance costs, maximum business value, and uninterrupted business continuity.

Cloud Engine’s not only helps in zero data loss migration but also helps you to embrace Big Data solutions running on top of your database stacks enabling competent data intelligent decision-making. Transform your information security posture and embed automated threat detection, mediation tools backed by 24/7/365 support.

Simple lift and shift of applications and development environments during cloud adoption is not always an effective migration strategy. Often this limits the full benefits of cloud and constraints performance. Avail Cloud Engine’s end-to-end application modernization services including re-hosting applications on the cloud platform of choice, re-placing flexible functionalities, re-platform of underlying code structure-functionalities-features unaltered, rebuilding broken software segments, and upgrading core application architectures to embed advanced capabilities and micro-services. Migrate enterprise applications such as SAP ERP and other CRM, etc tools for maximum benefits.

Ensure uninterrupted business continuity and fail-safe operations on the cloud. Avail Cloud4C’s world-class Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings including secure colocation services, database backups and recovery, planned runbook creation with DR drills, RTO/RPO and fail-over assistance, uninterrupted network-server infra and architecture support, automated risk management tools, global compliance, and 24/7/365 consultancy support.

IT monitoring is a much exhaustive yet necessary task that stresses internal resources. A move to the cloud automates this critical functionality. Leverage expert, 24/7 health monitoring of multi-cloud platforms, virtual IT Infra, networks, workloads, databases, and applications. Avail centralized visibility over your entire cloud architecture, automated alert mechanisms including threat notifications, analytical reports, and business intelligence. Track performance of your adopted as-a-service solutions and services with ease, gain unique insights, and augment your business with data-based decision-making.

Unlock smart security management on the cloud for your business and secure your networks, data, workflows with ease. With end-to-end cloud managed security services from Cloud Engine, gain advanced risk assessment and management, intelligent threat prediction-detection-mitigation capabilities powered by industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. Avail support from Cloud Engine’s world-class Cyber Security Incident and Response team. Adopt world-class cloud-native tools such as Azure Sentinel, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, etc. Integrate security solutions that sync with your cloud environment with ease.

Cloud Engine is a leading automation solution and service provider. With our deep domain expertise and automation skills, we have developed frameworks and implementation methodologies that have helped many organizations scale their automation solutions with ease and gain faster time-to-value.

Our single-partner turnkey & cost-effective solution will not only help organizations achieve end-to-end process transformation but also reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) drastically. We leverage disruptive technologies such as RPA, process analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning to derive insights from your on-ground business processes, identify impactful processes, implement automations and manage the process and robots.


Why sign-up for Cloud Migration Services from Cloudengin

One of the most trusted Cloud Migration and Managed Cloud Service Providers in APAC, MEA, and the Americas for 12+ years

World’s largest Application-focused, high-end managed services provider with AIOps-driven Managed Cloud Operations

Adopt Cloud Deployment model of choice: Public, Private, Community, Hybrid Cloud for AWS Migration, Azure Migration, GCP Migration, OCI migration, and more

Avail a cloud service model of choice: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS).

24/7 Support backed by 2000+ cloud certified experts, 23 dedicated Centres of Excellence

Certified people resources on ITIL, COBIT, CDCP, CISA, CISSP, CISM, Six Sigma, PMP CCIE, MCP, CEH, and more

Zero Friction Cloud Migration Model with industry-leading Cloud Adoption Factory approach, 25000+ Apps, and Databases migrated

4000+ enterprise customers including 60 of Fortune 500 companies including 5 of Top 20 Global Banks

Presence in 25+ nations worldwide including successful deployment of Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi, and Community Cloud platforms

High availability 99.95%, hyper-scalability, industry-best uptime

Proven SAP on Cloud expertise managing 10,000+ SAP instances and 2300+ TB of HANA Database

Dedicated DR on Cloud offerings for heterogeneous, complex environments with automated recovery-backup, failback-failover mechanisms

Dedicated Cloud Security Services Expertise, 40+ Security Controls, dedicated SOCs

Cloud Engine proprietary automation solutions including Self-healing Operations, Automation Delivery platforms, and RPA solutions

Expertise with hundreds of cloud-native tools and applications, best managed according to tailored business needs

Cost-effective Pay-per-use model under single SLA

1 Billion+ Fail-safe Hosting Hours administering 40000+ VMs

Strict compliance to regulatory and in-country data residency standards

Cloudengin Universal Cloud Platform (UCP)

Streamline cloud management for your operations and unleash innovations with the Cloudengin Universal Cloud platform.

Cost transparency and optimization

Capacity and Resource optimization

Cloud migration and DR

Security and Identity management

Service Level management

Continuous Configuration management

Service support and CRM

Provisioning, Automation, and Orchestration

Governance and Policy

Service Request Management

Monitoring and Metering resources

Hyper cloud brokering

Modify your migration and help your business gain flexibility and scalability.

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The Overarching Migration Process Map

Strategy and Blueprinting

  • Asses business goals and desired outcomes
  • Map business needs and goals to quantifiable KPIs
  • Identify the cloud adoption parameters

Migration Plan

  • Rationalize or develop modernization blueprints for migrating digital assets
  • Define and prioritize key workloads
  • Align to-be transitioned assets
  • Define iterations and migration timelines
  • Milestone blueprinting for the entire journey


  • Prepare the migration environment
  • Expand the landing zone blueprint

Migrate and Innovate

  • Assess migration readiness of landscape
  • Begin Migration with re-hosting
  • Optimize assets
  • Secure and Manage migration process
  • Abstract Infrastructure
  • Refactor, Re-architect, Rebuild key IT infra

Management and Governance

  • Total ownership of managing cloud workloads
  • Optimize for cost, security, data integrity, and compliance adherence
  • Business risk and tolerance mapping
  • Define policies and keep track of violations
  • Monitor costs and create cost accountabilities
  • Secure by designing the cloud architecture
  • Identity and access baseline
  • Drive consistency and standardize processes

Define Strategy

Document strategy and foster stakeholdersupport


Align cloud adoption plan to business outcomes


Document strategy and foster stakeholdersupport


Migrate | Innovate Implement
desired changes across IT and



Advance, Automate, Optimize: Into Cloudengin Extensive Cloud Adoption Framework

The primary differentiator between Cloud Engine’s dedicated Adoption Framework and legacy approaches is the former’s stringent inclination towards end-to-end outcomes, intelligent process automations, and expert supervision. This not only leads to a hyper agile cloud migration of diverse, heterogeneous IT landscapes at zero data loss, 99.95% availability but also optimizes TCO at every stage of the journey.

Automation enabled Managed Services

A Deep Dive into Cloudengin Self Healing Operations Platform (SHOP): Automated Intelligent Operations, Predictive and Preventive Healing on Cloud

Cloudengin SHOP is a low code AI-powered platform that seamlessly integrates different tools and solutions necessary to deliver managed cloud services to enterprises. The intelligent platform brings dozens of diverse operational platforms, applications together including auto-remediation and self-healing onto a single system. This enables the entire infrastructure and applications landscape to be auto-managed through a single pane of glass while providing customers with a holistic view of their IT environments. Guaranteeing concept to delivery in six months, the platform improves engineers’ efficiency while also allowing engineers with less experience, to handle more complex tasks. Avail a universal view and control on your cloud platform and connected IT architecture.

Our Success Stories


Globally renowned Japanese manufacturer embraces agile, advanced private managed cloud services to witness breakthrough operational efficiency sustaining 200,000 users concurrently at zero data loss and 95.95% uptime

Our Success Stories


Cracking Business Scalability, Security, and Business Continuity for India’s leading e-travel firm through customized public managed cloud services delivering 50% TCO savings and zero downtime services for 2 million users

Our Success Stories

Global Ceramics Brand

Ceramics giant reduces 40% cost and experiences zero disruption operations through effective public managed cloud services and SAP Workload management

Our Success Stories


Leading global media and entertainment firm efficiently transitions to the cloud witnessing increased cost savings, 100% data transparency via powerful, advanced, and resilient cloud migration strategy paired with end-to-end managed cloud services

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Cloud Migration- FAQs

What are cloud migration services?

Cloud Migration Services entitles the transition of an enterprise’s entire IT landscape including backend infra, datacenter assets, compute, storage, networks, databases, platforms, architectures, and applications to the virtual world, accessible on-demand via the internet.

Regardless of company sizes and the landscape complexity, the same is achieved with unprecedented ease and agility, guaranteeing zero disruption and data loss to business as usual.

The assets are modernized or virtualized on a cloud platform (distantly located magnanimous computing infrastructure accessible to users on a subscription basis).

Hence, enterprises need not worry about IT management, maintenance, upgrades, security, availability, and scalability as they are administered by the cloud providers.

How does cloud migration work?

Cloud Migration can occur in multiple ways. The simplest approach is to lift and shift all resources and IT assets onto the cloud. However, realistically, most assets need to be tailored, refactored, reorganized, or re-architected to leverage the cloud platform best. This entitles customizing, virtualizing, and optimizing assets at the core levels to enable a frictionless transition to the cloud.

What are 4 types of migration?

Cloud migration can be deployed in public, private, hybrid, or in multi cloud mode. The public cloud model entitles the firm to access a pool of shared cloud resources with all other users of the adopted cloud platform. This guarantees the economy of scale, availability, scalability, and more. Private cloud deployment defines a fixed cloud-based architecture for a certain firm that isn’t accessible to everyone. This is primarily availed by large organizations handling high volumes of critical, highly personal information that can’t be risked on a shared model. Hybrid cloud delivers the best of both worlds as a company’s on-prem private IT assets can be connected with a public cloud network basis shareable gateways, interfaces, and protocols. Multi cloud entitles multiple cloud environments being deployed for variable operations in an organization that may or may not sync with each other.

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

Cloud migration has ushered in a revolution in the IT world. Instead of having private deployed, on-premise costly IT infrastructure with resources packed with management, maintenance, operational, and upgrade woes, all infra can be accessed, scaled on-demand from the internet via a subscription fee. This lowers IT hassles and cost, introduces zero operational hitches during peak traffic times (virtual cloud servers scalable on-demand), integrates top-notch architectural security, and ensures uninterrupted availability and continuity (DR on cloud). Enterprises can also avail native cloud solutions and tools to modernize, transform, digitize daily operations.

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