Unleash the Potential of Cloud and Amplify Value Across Your Cloud Journey with GCP

The power of Google can never be undermined in the online world. A giant disrupting the internet with its slew of digital solutions and services, enterprises are fast adopting the Google Cloud Platform owing to its multi-variant characteristics such as zero disruption Live GCP Migration, seamless private-hybrid-multi-cloud deployments, lucrative integrated tools, and unique pricing models.

As an end-to-end Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Managed services provider, Cloud Engine assumes total ownership of your GCP Cloud experience rendering hyper agility and scalability, zero downtime, enterprise AI and Data Analytics solutions, automated features, intelligent cybersecurity, managed ERP, application modernization, and uninterrupted business continuity. A globally active team of certified GCP experts renders anytime, anywhere GCP cloud consulting and support, ensuring a frictionless digital transformation on GCP.

Google Cloud is one of Top 3 Cloud Service Providers Globally
Google Cloud serves 200+ nations
Google Cloud has76international landing zones in 25 countries

Cloud Engine collaborates with Google Cloud to Build Unique Center of Excellence

Delivering tailored, innovative, and use-case specific solutions and services has always been the aim for Cloud Engine. With Google Cloud’s rapidly enhancing ecosystem and solutions portfolio, Cloud Engine envisioned a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) addressing mission-critical enterprise infra, app, and workload transformations on the Google Cloud. Cloud Engine’s latest CoE development for SAP and Anthos powered by Google Cloud is a testimony to that vision.

Cloud Engine and Google Cloud Platform – Perfect Catalysts for Success

Grow and Innovate

Reduce Risk and Cost

Optimize Operations and Stability



Grow beyond traditional boundaries with freedom to scale your IT, DB, application infrastructure as per your enterprise demands. As a Google Partner, Cloud Engine can deliver the customized migration pathway for your enterprise to scale on the purpose-built infrastructure offered by GCP


Your Enterprise data remains secure and compliant due to multi-tiered security mechanisms built on progressive layers of GCP Infrastructure. The world-class cyber security & AI driven threat detection inherent to GCP also ensures robust security 24X7X365


Your enterprise can stay ahead of the curve with immense scope for innovation in GCP eco-system to respond faster to market demands. Realise more productivity with minimal configuration complexity of Google cloud and AI powered intelligent managed services by Cloud Engine

Open to Multi-Cloud

The hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities of GCP enable enterprises to seamlessly shift from on-prem to Google Cloud or Multi-Cloud with no change in performance. The power rests on the enterprises to deliver their apps to multiple clouds with a uniform development and operations approach

Reliable Infrastructure with Flexibility

The reliability of GCP is evident in the fact that Google Cloud runs on the same infrastructure powering Google’s popular consumer products. The flexibility offered through Custom VMs, per-second billing is also unique to GCP

Data Analytics

The artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities embedded in GCP enable enterprises to derive rich insights on the data streaming across the infrastructure and equip them to better serve their customers

Why Embrace GCP with Cloud Engine?

Native solutions
Digital Transformation
Continuity and DR


Budget-friendly Cloud Computing Platform: Google Cloud assures considerable savings on migration, management, and other services over other providers. Pricing calculators, custom dashboards and free cost management tools give customers the control over costs.

Native solutions

Refer through 200+ GCP native features and solutions including BigQuery, Data warehouse, Cloud CDN, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Cloud SDK, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Dataflow, Google Kubernetes Engine, Anthos, Operations and more. Modernize assets, bolster workflow-data-infra administration and monitoring, amp-up security, streamline project delivery on GCP.

Digital Transformation

Intelligent Enterprise on GCP: GCP Cloud extends your innovation capabilities to unprecedented heights. Adopt world-class automation, AI, RPA solutions to digitize key operations. Embrace Big Data, Data Intelligence with ease and make informed decisions. Push your delivery capabilities across IoT, Edge Networks and develop an end-to-end digitally transformed enterprise.


Unmatched platform performance: Leverage industry-best application development and deployment experience with DevOps and SRE on Google Cloud.

Continuity and DR

Uninterrupted Continuity and DR: Access cloud-native solutions for automated enterprise backup-recovery.


Any code, any solution, any platform: Migrate all assets to GCP and administer your GCP cloud infra with ease on your programming language, applications, databases, and systems of choice. Integrate with third-party solutions and platforms like Kubernetes at ease.


Compliant-ready GCP architecture: Stringent compliance to local, national, and global regulations including data locality, residency, sovereignty – PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, RBI. Worldwide standards include dedicated certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, SOC2.


Trusted and Security on GCP: Commitment to constantly test, optimize and improve systems has given Google the reputation of being a leader in security. With multi-level encryption models and sophisticated encryptions with deliberated control by authorized Google Services, your organization is secure and compliant.


Custom, optimized cloud solution: Google has solutions for everyone be it by industry or use case, and the categories are growing in number with the newest addition being the ‘COVID-19 industry solutions’.


Data Analytics supporting decisions and innovation: Google’s answer to scalability, performance and cost is their smart analytics solutions such as Stream Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Lake and Data Warehouse modernization.

Hyper agile performance, Uninterrupted growth: Innovative Cloud Engine GCP Services

Developed by the organization powering the most popular consumer products on the internet, Google Cloud Platform delivers unmatchable performance and cost savings through novel, seamless transition on purpose-built infrastructure with 5 layers of security, advanced AI, ML tools, and a flexible pay-as-you-go payment model.


SAP Application Modernization with AWS — The Why? The How? The Best Roadmap?

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Building an Innovation-first Organization: Why Modernizing SAP Workloads on AWS Matters?

Organizations around the world are increasingly accelerating workload performance. flexibility. and security while simultaneously cutting their costs by migrating SAP instances to AWS.

Cloud Engine – AWS Services Continuum

Develop a customized AWS architecture and avail tailored Amazon Cloud Services for your business with Cloud Engine. You’ll be invited to attend special cloud readiness and discovery workshops to pinpoint the benefits, identify the tools and solutions, see the cost savings and understand the timelines. Lay the foundation for a future in Cloud and gain world-class computing resources, storage and enterprise intelligence prowess.

Leverage Cloud Engin’s industry-leading AWS Cloud Adoption Framework for multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud and private cloud deployments on AWS. Gain access to the unique factory approach for cloud deployment to maximize benefits for the least expense. Move your web service, applications, databases, networks, systems and servers with ease on the Amazon cloud platform, at zero operational disruption and zero information loss. Avail advanced enterprise applications managed services and gain uninterrupted availability and unprecedented scalability for your workloads.

Administer your Cloud IT backend with intelligent solutions and insights-driven visibility. Gain unparalleled competencies on cloud leveraging smart AWS Cloud Services and advanced tools such as AWS managed VPN, API Gateway, Amazon rds, Amazon fsx, Storage Gateway, AWS CloudEndure, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, AWS Snowball, AWS Snowmobile, AWS Lambda, AWS managed Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute, AWS managed Kafka, virtual desktop services. Avail smart-managed security and cloud storage solutions with Amazon CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Amazon Trusted Advisor, and EC2 Instances, S3, Glacier, EBS (Elastic Block Store EBS and Elastic load Balancing, etc) respectively.

Set up a fail-proof cloud infrastructure for your enterprise and modernize IT assets, servers, networks, software development, applications, OS, relational database systems and developer tools on AWS cloud. Use virtualization solutions such as Amazon Cloud Search, Amazon elasticache, AWS lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Elastic Compute Cloud. Integrate serverless API and third-party cloud applications, mobile apps with API Gateways and monitor the entire infrastructure via tools like CloudWatch and CloudTrail. Guarantee uninterrupted business continuity, zero disruption during peak traffic periods and smart resource-workflow management with AWS management console.

Adopt virtualized datacenter solutions and services on Amazon Cloud to reduce datacenter and database services costs, risks and complexity. Create seamless data transfer pathways, gather intelligent insights, and guarantee zero data loss. Integrate and modernize data applications, systems, and database service management platforms to witness hyper workload performance.

Move your SAP landscape to Amazon Cloud. Cloud Engin helps to streamline the migration of SAP applications, platforms, systems and automation suite to the cloud at zero disruption. And unprecedented agility. Leverage the best out of your SAP ERP via synchronous cloud-native tools and intelligent managed services delivered by dedicated Cloud Engin SAP experts.

Adopt Cloud Engin’s advanced AWS managed security services to shield your networks, database storage and workflows. Automate risk detection and response and incident management to reduce overall security management costs. Leverage advanced risk assessment tools like AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon Config, AWS Security Hub, Amazon Detective, CloudTrail, GuardDuty and more. Embrace a fully compliant-ready cloud architecture – PCI-DSS, NESA, SAMA, GDPR, FedRamp, MSA, IRAP, GxP, CSA, OJK, MEITI, RBI. Worldwide standards include dedicated certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, SOC1, SOC2.

Advance your Business Continuity Planning, enterprise data backup, and recovery on the secure AWS Cloud platform and related Amazon Cloud Services. Avail a robust, industry-compliant framework that includes automated failover-failback, total ownership of cloud applications, 24/7 monitoring, automated data storage administration. Integrate AWS CloudEndure, AWS DataSync, and CloudConnect, and Industry-leading 3rd party tools seamlessly with your backend architecture. A dedicated team offers 24/7 DR on AWS along with periodic DR drills. Host your assets on secure, nearby availability zones for best performance and uninterrupted continuity.

Leverage the benefits of Amazon cloud at the convenience of your on-premise location using AWS Outposts. Avail Cloud Engin services to seamlessly develop a hybrid AWS Cloud services architecture with AWS Outposts. Gain ultra-low latency on your workloads, seamless data transfer and management, and fail-proof, duly compliant operations.

Embrace the workplace of tomorrow with AWS Workspaces, an advanced Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering. Avail top-notch Amazon Cloud Services for DaaS as support. Negate your remote operational woes and ensure complete workflow continuity, anytime-anywhere collaboration and universal task management with AWS Console.

Avail proprietary Cloud Engin RPA and automation solutions to advance your Amazon Cloud journey such as Cloud Management Tool, Customer Service Portal, Customer Database Management. Avail our advanced Self-Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) to administer all AWS cloud assets from one, intelligent window and boost security management, predictive alerting, risk assessment and preventive maintenance. Leverage advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning AI, Big Data, Internet of Things – with deep analytical insights – and make informed decisions powered by Intelligent Amazon Cloud Services. Even better, streamline your digital transformation strategies on the Edge and IoT networks. 24/7 Amazon Cloud or AWS Services support helps you determine the best and optimized smart solutions for your business.

Ride the Cloud Revolution with GCP and Cloud Engine’s Advanced Managed Capabilities Today.

Augment your Google Cloud Transformation with Automation-driven Smart Innovations

Cloud Engine is a leading automation solution and service provider. With our deep domain expertise and automation skills, we have developed frameworks and implementation methodologies that have helped many organizations scale their automation solutions with ease and gain faster time-to-value.

Our single-partner turnkey & cost-effective solution will not only help organizations achieve end-to-end process transformation but also reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) drastically. We leverage disruptive technologies such as RPA, process analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning to derive insights from your on-ground business processes, identify impactful processes, implement automations and manage the process and robots.

Leverage advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning AI, Big Data, Internet of Things – deep analytical insights and make informed decisions. Integrate Google Cloud native solutions such as AutoML, Vertex AI, Vision AI, Video AI, DialogFlow, and more for your enterprise functions.

4 Functions that make SHOP Weave Magic

Predictive & Preventive

By using clustering and regression models, SHOP can predict any anomalies that might lead to outages in a system, making sure they are quickly dealt with even before they occur.

Collective Knowledge

SHOP is also a full-stack infrastructure and Business Activity Monitoring solution that enables a 360-degree view of all the data relevant to flagging early warnings and issues that might occur.

Situational Awareness

SHOP collects all contextual data at the time of the anomaly to present relevant root cause scenarios enabling coherent and complete responses.

Remedial & Autonomous

Our home-grown ML engine ensures the best possible remedial action suitable to the problem and the system.

Cloud Engine SHOP Bags the Win at Prestigious Events Worldwide

Cloud Engine triumphs at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Technology Excellence Awards in the Cloud- IT Services Category

Cloud Engine wins the Middle East Technology Excellence Awards in the Cloud – IT Services Category

Eager to Dive Deeper into SHOP’s Revolutionary Capabilities?

Why Partner with Cloud Engine for your Datacenter Modernization Journey on Google Cloud?

2000+ certified cloud experts worldwide with local presence in 26 countries

Trusted Google Cloud MSP across EMEA, APAC, Americas
Dedicated Google Cloud COE for SAP and Anthos

Migrated and managing 40000+ VMs

AIOps driven automation in Cloud Operations

High availability 99.95%

4000+ Global Enterprise customers

Zero friction business delivery model

24×7 support

hybrid and multicloud infrastructure icon for google cloud services

Support hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure design on Google Cloud

people resources icon for google cloud services

Certified people resources on ITIL, COBIT, CDCP, CISA, CISSP, CISM, Six Sigma, PMP CCIE, MCP, CEH and more

disaster recovery and bcp icon of security for google cloud services

Comprehensive disaster recovery and BCP portfolio Presence in 52 global locations

25 Centers of Excellence (GCP, SAP on GCP, Automation, Managed Security Services, Cloud Managed Services and more)

Success Stories


Migration of SAP workloads from on-prem data center to a hyperscaler of choice and implementing a well-architected framework.

Success Stories


APAC real estate leader migrates SAP and non-SAP applications to Google Cloud, leverages intelligent managed GCP services for best ROI

Success Stories


South Asian grain processing giant streamlines SAP workflows, business processes, and continuity planning on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Services – FAQs

What is Google Cloud Service?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a Public cloud solution offered by Google. Similar to the other Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) providers, enterprises can leverage GCP for a wide range of cloud services including storage, computing, networking and app development requirements.

GCP differentiates from its public cloud offering from cloud providers with its multi-layered security infrastructure, flexible billing models, in-built AI & ML capabilities and access to Google innovation ecosystem.

Talk to Our Google Cloud experts on planning your journey to GCP.

How much does GCP cost?

The innovative pricing model of GCP is considered to be one of its core differentiators compared to other cloud providers. There are no up-front costs for enterprises to start availing services on GCP and the pay-as-you-go model would bill your enterprise only for the services consumed with flexibility to scale up or down as per your demand. Other pricing innovations including per-second billing, sustained-use discounts, right sizing and custom machine stops would enable you to optimize the cloud costs on Google Cloud.

Get in touch with Our Google cloud experts for more information on GCP pricing as your enterprise requirement.

What is Google Cloud good for?

An overview of the advantages of the Google Cloud Platform is given below:

Pricing – Per second billing, sustained-use discounts, right sizing and custom VM instances reduce the cloud spent compared to other public cloud platforms.

Security – Your enterprise data remains secure and compliant due to multi-tiered security mechanisms built on progressive layers of GCP Infrastructure. All data hosted on GCP is encrypted at rest.

Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud – Enterprises can seamlessly shift from on-prem to Google cloud with Anthos for uniform development and improvement of their software applications

Live Migration – During VM maintenance, you experience zero downtime due to Live migration feature unique to Google cloud platform.

AI, ML Analytics – Extract valuable insights from the data streaming in Google cloud with embedded AI, ML capabilities of GCP