IT stakeholders often find themselves tangled in a web of hidden fees and charges for cloud services. Adding to that the complex pricing matrices presented by cloud providers make it even more difficult for anyone to accurately assess their costs.

Explore this comprehensive guide to develop a holistic approach to cloud cost
optimization by eliminating weaknesses and inefficiencies from the process.

Cloud cost management is proving to be a key challenge for enterprises trying to realize the true value of their public cloud initiatives. Cloud wastage continues to be the main concern with 64 percent of enterprises surveyed in Flexera’s 2019 State of the Cloud Report confirming optimizing existing cloud spend as the top initiative for the third year in a row.

  • But why is cloud wastage such a common problem?
  • How to avoid unnecessary expenses?
  • How to achieve the desirable outcome at the lowest possible cost without compromising on functional requirements?

This white paper details the critical areas of examination as well as how to implement key cost optimization pillars to face the challenges head-on to ensure your cloud environment is running efficiently.

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Fundamentals of Cloud Cost Management


Cost Management Challenges


Application Lifecycle


Comprehensive Cost Management Framework

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